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Sisoft SANDRA 2005

set of diagnostic and benchmarking tools

Software: Sisoft SANDRA
Version: 2005
Category: Benchmarking
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Shareware
Price: 12.99
Author: SiSoftware Ltd.
Download size: 7.83 MB
Popularity: ■■□□□
Rating: **** (4.0) Rate it!
Screenshot: click to view

Description of Sisoft SANDRA

SiSoftware Sandra (System Analyzer Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is a 32- and 64-bit Windows system analyser that includes benchmarking, testing, and listing modules. It tries to go beyond other utilities to show you more of what is really going on under the hood, so you draw comparisons at both a high- and low-level in a single product.

You can get information about the CPU, chipset, video adapter, ports, printers, sound card, memory, network, Windows internals, AGP, ODBC Connections, USB2, and FireWire. You can save, print, fax, e-mail, post, upload, or insert into ADO/ODBC databases reports in text, HTML, XML, SMS/DMI, or RPT format. This version supports multiple sources of information gathering including: remote computers, PDAs, smart phones, ADO/ODBC databases, or saved system reports. All benchmarks are optimized for both SMP and SMT (Hyper-Threading), up to 32/64 CPUs depending on the platform.

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