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Noise Ninja 2.02 Pro

digital image noise removal

Software: Noise Ninja
Version: 2.02 Pro
Category: Digital Camera
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Shareware
Price: $69.00 (Free Trial)
Author: PictureCode LLC.
Download size: 4.32 MB
Popularity: □□□□
Rating: not rated yet Rate it!
Screenshot: click to view

Description of Noise Ninja

Noise Ninja allows you to reduce noise in your digital images, often caused by high ISO settings in your camera or scanner import. The program can optimize the noise removal process for your camera, by offering noise profiles for many popular camera and scanner models. In addition, you can further tweak the settings with the help of a real-time preview. Unlike many other noise reduction methods, Noise Ninja is optimized for high-quality results without softening or blurring your images. It also includes a noise brush tool that allows you to process only small portions of an image, as well as control over color and luminance channels. Noise Ninja supports JPG, 16-bit TIFF output (48 bits per pixel), batch processing, and multiprocessor execution.

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