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Morpheus 4.6.1

Searches all 5 major P2P Networks and millions of users of Kazaa, Gnutella, iMesh, Grokster, eDonkey, G2, Limewire

Software: Morpheus
Version: 4.6.1
Category: File sharing (p2p)
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Author: StreamCast Networks, Inc.
Download size: 90.50 kB
Popularity: □□□□
Rating: ***** (5.0) Rate it!
Screenshot: not available

Description of Morpheus

* Searches all 5 major P2P Networks and millions of users of Kazaa, Gnutella, iMesh, Grokster, eDonkey, G2, Limewire, and more!
* Download files faster and easier with better success
* Optional proxy network access protects your privacy
* Integrates your anti-virus software to scan out malicious files
* Includes free Bitzi anti-spoofing look-ups to download only the files you want
* Absolutely no spyware

Morpheus is the only American peer-to-peer file sharing and searching software that US Federal Courts have ruled legal to develop and distribute. However, it is generally not legal, and Morpheus does not condone the use of file-sharing software, to upload or download copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holders. Most commercially released popular songs, films, and software are NOT authorized for free downloading or redistribution but require separate purchase or licensing.

Morpheus with NEOnet is next generation P2P using DHT technology. Version 4.6.1 optimizes cpu usage and improves Gnutella compatability. Files found on the Neo Network download faster and easier, even if that file exists on just one other computer. Morpheus searches other major file-sharing networks and simultaneously connects with millions of users of Kazaa, iMesh, eDonkey, LimeWire, Gnutella, Grokster, and G2 to find more digital media with greater accuracy.

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