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Karaoke Anything! 1.0

remove vocals from audio playback

Software: Karaoke Anything!
Version: 1.0
Category: Karaoke
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Author: Atomic Media
Download size: 2.59 MB
Popularity: □□□□
Rating: not rated yet Rate it!
Screenshot: click to view

Description of Karaoke Anything!

Karaoke Anything! lets you remove the vocals from most songs, so that it can be used for Karaoke playback. The program supports MP3 and AudioCD input and allows you to adjust the vocal remover strength to optimize it for the current song. The vocal removing works with almost any (stereo) song that uses equally mixed vocals, some may work better than others. Karaoke Anything! only allows real-time playback and cannot save the vocal-free output.

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