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Media Jukebox 8.0

all-in-one music player and organizer

Software: Media Jukebox
Version: 8.0
Category: Music management
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Shareware
Price: $19.98
Author: J. River, Inc
Download size: 8.10 MB
Popularity: □□□□
Rating: ***** (5.0) Rate it!
Screenshot: click to view

Description of Media Jukebox


Multiple Media Formats - MEDIA JUKEBOX supports over 80 media file formats -- more than any other jukebox. It harnesses the power of both Microsoft Windows Media Player and RealNetworks' RealPlayer, making it possible to play MP3, Windows Media, RealMedia, QuickTime, LiquidAudio, J. River's own secure format, MusicEx, and many other audio and video formats.

MEDIA JUKEBOX also supports the latest streaming technology, like Shoutcast and Icecast.

CD Ripping - MEDIA JUKEBOX supports the ripping of Audio CD's.
MJ Supports Secure Ripping - This feature double-checks the ripping process for errors, and eliminates the clicks and pops you hear on some ripped CD files.

MP3 Encoding (PLUS Feature) - MEDIA JUKEBOX gives you a host of encoding options that include ripping and encoding CD's to MP3 up to 320 Kbps, constant and variable bitrate encoding, and encoding with multi-processors (where possible), to give you the fastest encoding available.

Additional encoding plug-ins are available for WMA, OGG, APE and more.

CD Burning - Using MEDIA JUKEBOX, you can burn (record) your own audio or data CD's. Audio CD's can be created from any combination of MP3, WAV or WMA file formats. It will even convert sampling rates and change mono to stereo to allow you to burn incompatible formats. MEDIA JUKEBOX supports most standard CD-R(W) drives. MJ also supports burning CD-Text information on data CD's.

Data CD Support - When you insert a data CD full of MP3's or other digital music into your CD-Rom, MEDIA JUKEBOX shows you those files, along with any folders you have created. Data CD's containing digital music can then be played in MEDIA JUKEBOX just like audio CD's.

Cross-fading - This playback option is for those of you who like to have one song fade out as it finishes while the next song fades in. Just like the radio!

Gapless playback - Another great playback option that lets you play one track right after another without the annoying gap in silence that often appears between tracks.

Web Media - MEDIA JUKEBOX features streaming Web TV and radio stations from all over the world. Browse by genre, country, state, city or source. You can organize a list of favorites and even add stations that are not listed.

Remote Control - MEDIA JUKEBOX has plug-in architecture for supporting various remote control devices (currently supported devices are IRMan, X10 MP3 and X10 MouseRemote). After installing and configuring a remote control, you can operate many MEDIA JUKEBOX functions from across the room, or in the case of radio frequency devices, in another room entirely.

Analog Recording - Need to digitize your Bay City Rollers LP? MEDIA JUKEBOX lets you convert your existing tapes and vinyl records or any other analog source into digital music. Users can encode files to any format supported by MEDIA JUKEBOX.

Best File Organization of any Jukebox - MEDIA JUKEBOX is foremost a media file organizational tool, which includes an easy to navigate media tree. Group or access tracks by Artist, Album, Playlist and by Category. MEDIA JUKEBOX will extract file information and automatically categorize and assign your music collection where you want it. Files can also be organized manually by dragging and dropping tracks.

The organization tree gives you instant access to find and play your favorite files, export them to a handheld player, stream Web TV and radio and search for on-line music.

Media Library - The Media Library view is a powerful organization tool that gives you limitless ways to organize and browse your media files. View media by artist/type, album/genre/year, or any order that you choose.

SmartList - MEDIA JUKEBOX's Smartlist feature takes file organization to a new level. This savable, rules-based playlisting lets you compile lists by assigning multiple criteria to the Smartlist, including particular artists, albums, categories, genres, dates and media types. Files imported into the jukebox after a Smartlist has been created will be automatically categorized.

"Find CD" - The "Find CD" feature lets you select a song playing in the jukebox, and run a quick search for purchasable tracks or albums by that artist at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com or other music content sites.

Audio CD Creation - Using MEDIA JUKEBOX, you can burn (record) your own audio or data CD's. Audio CD's can be created from any combination of MP3, WAV or WMA file formats, ** MEDIA JUKEBOX supports most standard CD-R drives.

Handheld Device Support - MEDIA JUKEBOX supports the export of media files to the most popular portable players. Currently supported handhelds include the Creative Labs' Nomad Jukebox, Nomad I/II MG, Diamond Rio PMP 300 & 500, Pontis' Mplayer3, and others. It also supports devices with memory readers/writers, such as the I-Jam and the Hip Zip Digital Audio Player, and Windows CE devices, such as Pocket PC's.

Skin Support - The MEGA-ME jukebox mode features a streamlined design with lots of cool skins to choose from. You can now also apply freeform mini-me skins or skin the mini-me mode with any of the 40,000+ skins that are available for Winamp.

Find Music - The Find Music tool acts as a search function within MEDIA JUKEBOX. Locate media files or radio stations, and search by Song Name, Artist, Album, Type, Genre, Location and Bitrate.

Artist Info - This feature automatically searches the Web for information about a currently playing artist.

Top Hits - MEDIA JUKEBOX maintains a Top Hits list, which contains your most frequently played tracks. This list can be changed to the Top 10, the Top 100, or any other number.

Multi-Language Support - MEDIA JUKEBOX allows you to select a font, including international fonts. This means that the media file information is readable even if it's written in Russian (assuming you can read Russian!).

MusicEx files support - MEDIA JUKEBOX is the only jukebox that plays MusicEx files. These protected multimedia files can contain multiple tracks, images, liner notes, URL's and lyrics. With commercial files, you can purchase the track or album after listening to the previews.

Integrated DSP/EQ (PLUS Feature) - MEDIA JUKEBOX gives you greater control over the sound of your media files with its digital signal processing feature which can set the sound coming out of your PC speakers to emulate different environments, such as Concert Hall or Jazz Club. The 10-band equalizer lets you load pre-selected genre settings like hip-hop, or create and save your own settings. Use the "Save to Track" feature to save equalizer settings for individual tracks.

Tagging Studio (PLUS Feature)- MEDIA JUKEBOX supports ID3 v1 & 2 tags. Many of the MP3 tracks you download will automatically include basic information, such as artist, album and track name, and perhaps notes and lyrics. These can be viewed through the jukebox. MEDIA JUKEBOX also lets you create or alter tag information, add images and tag multiple files.

Integrated CD Labeler (PLUS Feature) - Lets you create customized CD labels and jewel case inserts. Use one of the templates or design your own.

Visualizations - MEDIA JUKEBOX now features over 40 new internal visualizations that display animated graphics that move in time to the music. You can even generate and save visualizations of your own with a click of the mouse.
There are also several visualization plug-ins available for download. All are viewable in a resizable window.

Digital CD Playback (PLUS Feature) - Now you don't need an audio cable connecting the CD-ROM to the sound card. This means you can now use visualizations, DSP plug-ins, and the integrated equalizer while listening to audio CD's. Some users may also experience increased sound quality with digital CD playback.

DSP Plug-Ins - Digital Signal Processing (DSP) plug-ins are available for MEDIA JUKEBOX to enhance the audio coming out of your speakers. These plug-ins allow you to greatly improve sound quality without upgrading your hardware through technology that allows stereo sound enhancement, virtual surround sound and more.

MEDIA SERVER (PLUS Feature) - This feature is designed for convenient home networking of media files. You can easily connect to your MEDIA JUKEBOX media library from anywhere via the Internet, and use MEDIA JUKEBOX as if you were sitting right in front of your host computer.

MEDIA EDITOR (PLUS Feature) - Now you can easily edit any media file supported by MEDIA JUKEBOX. Have prolonged silence at the end of a file that you would like to eliminate? Want to mix some tracks of your own or insert background beats? Media Editor is just the tool.

MEDIA SCHEDULER (PLUS Feature) - This task management tool lets you automate certain MEDIA JUKEBOX actions by settings a timer. You can schedule MEDIA JUKEBOX to start and stop playing at any time, and you can schedule recording sessions.

DOWNLOAD MANAGER (PLUS Feature) - This optional utility will enhance your MEDIA JUKEBOX experience by helping you manage the downloading of files and other programs faster and easier, and with greater reliability. DM will help you schedule downloads, get faster downloads, download multiple files at once, resume interrupted downloads, sort downloads automatically, and keep your connection alive to prevent annoying ISP interruptions.

Send-To Bar - An easy way to organize your media library or to create on-the-fly Playlists -- great for DJ enthusiasts or party situations.

Replay Gain (Volume Leveling) - Adjust the volume level on your tracks to even out louder and quieter songs for a more balanced listening experience.

External Plug-in Support - MJ now accepts plug-ins developed by external developers. Show off your programming skills and write a plug-in for your favorite jukebox.

Plug-in Support - MEDIA JUKEBOX supports a multitude of plug-ins designed to add functionality to the jukebox.
* Input Plug-ins
* DSP Plug-ins
* Visualization Plug-ins
* Encoder Plug-ins
* Handheld Plug-ins
* Remote Control Plug-ins
* Interface Plug-ins
* Track info templates

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