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Mahjong Towers II

award winning Mahjong solitaire game

Software: Mahjong Towers II
Category: Puzzle
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Shareware
Price: $19.99
Author: Big Fish Games, Inc
Download size: 6.55 MB
Popularity: ■■□□□
Rating: **** (4.0) Rate it!
Screenshot: click to view

Description of Mahjong Towers II

The Mahjong game is known as the “Ancient Game of the Chinese”. The game originated as a four player game where players compete to create matching tiles and achieve a winning hand. Whether its called Majong, Ma Jong, Mah Jong, Mah Jongg, Ma Diao, Ma Cheuk, Mah Cheuck, Baak Ling, or Pung Chow the history of this game is as intriguing as the game itself.

A new variety of the game known as Shanghai Mahjong (or Mahjong Solitaire) allowed the game to gain worldwide popularity, eclipsing even the popularity of the card game solitaire. The solitaire variety of Mah Jong is ideally suited for computers and distribution on the Internet. While the rules of the game have little in common with the original four player Mahjong games, the tile sets remain and the mechanics of the game remain the same.

Mahjong Towers II, The Rise of Shanghai, is the latest version of our award winning Mahjong solitaire game.
Play traditional 144 tile layouts or step up to the 'towers', with up to 432 tiles and up to nine levels tall. With over 500 layouts and the ability to download up to 100 new layouts every day, Mahjongg Towers II will keep the best Mahjongg masters busy for a lifetime.
Includes an easy to use board editor to create custom tile layouts that can be shared with players around the world, resulting in limitless game play variety. If you like mahjong you will love Mahjongg Towers II.

- Over 500 challenging tile layouts, and 9 innovative tile sets
- 3 different game types to play
- An editor to create new layouts
- Download new layouts or share your creations with others

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